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Generic Key Cards, Logo Hotel Key Cards, Custom Key Cards and Advertising Key Cards

Our Key Cards are compatible with your existing locks and entry systems. These key cards are encoded on your property by your front desk systems, this will reduce costs while maintaining the highest level of security.

Custom Key Cards or Advertising Key Cards:

Our custom key cards and advertising key cards with four color printing are surprising affordable. This will allow you to put your marketing dollars where it will do the most good, into the hands of the hotel / motel guests. Every time they look at their key card they will get an “impression”. Consider 1 hotel has 100 rooms at 65% occupancy x 365 days = 23,725 occupied rooms per year with an average of 6 uses per day = 142,350 guest impressions per year.  Whether you need 500 key cards or 1,000,000 key cards, our new presses reproduce your four color or single color key card with amazing clarity and color. We will be happy to furnish sample key cards for your review. Just give us a call. 800-278-3309

Our large stock of generic key cards and chain logo key cards are ready to ship the same day they are ordered, if placed by 3:00 PM Eastern Time.  Key card orders placed after 3:00 PM Eastern Time will be shipped the following business day.

Advertising Key Cards and Custom Hotel Key Cards:

  • Complete design services available or provide your own ready art

  • Our key cards are all made to ABA “American Banking Association” specifications

  • Four color printing with bleeds can be specified for the front side of the key card

  • Standard lock instructions on the back of the key card



Key Cards an Urban Legend

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