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  Bogie's began business in 1987 with the sole purpose of selling and installing electronic door hardware to hotels and motels. Almost two decades later we're still committed to bringing you high-quality hotel / motel supplies at below competitors' pricing. Our low overhead / high volume philosophy has proved to be successful in accomplishing our goals of being your low price leader.

  We all know low prices are necessary to the profitability of any business; however, we at Bogie's feel that customer service and satisfaction are equally important.

  Bogie's offers a variety of products for your hotel needs, you will find them through the options above. From high-quality generic key cards to superior custom cards and envelopes, for Franchises and smaller hotels and motels, Bogie's always remains a customer-oriented company.

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    Cleaning Cards  |  Alarm Clock Radios  |  Universal Remotes

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Home Page: High-quality supplies for Franchises & smaller Hotels & Motels
Key Cards: Magnetic stripe access hotel key cards
Custom key card specifications, details and advertising
Keyvelopes™: Hotel key card envelopes
Custom key card envelopes, advertising hotel envelopes
Battery Packs & Batteries: Door lock batteries for Hotels and Motels
Universale Remotes: Universal Remote for TV, DVD and Cable
Cleaning Cards: Hotel cleaning cards for Magnetic Heads, Sensors, more
Alarm Clock Radios: Hotel alarm clocks in a variety of colors and sizes
Online Ordering: Buy batteries, cleaning cards, key cards, keyvelopes, clocks, more
Contact Bogie's: Bogie Hardware, Inc. phone and mail contact
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About Bogie's, serving the hospitality industry since 1987

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